Hello and welcome to our e-Training help page. Here are some answers to common questions our customer ask us:
  • What is an e-Training Course?
    An e-Training Course is an online event where you see the presentation via an Internet connection and listen to the speaker via a computer's audio or a phone line.

    Sessions are designed to unlock your growth potential by providing you and your team with the necessary support to achieve technical excellence, adapt to new regulations and stay at the forefront of technology breakthroughs!
  • What is the duration of an e-Training Course?
    Attending an e-Training Course is time-efficient! It lasts approx. 1h30 and includes a 30 min Q&A session where you can directly interact with the speaker.
  • How much does an e-Training Course cost?
    • Regular attendance fees vary from 250 EUR to 380 EUR for up to 3 attendees. For exact fee of a specific session, go in the "FEE" tab of the e-Training description page.
    • Group fees apply for 4 to 10 attendees
    • Individuals and corporate offers: Learn more about our cost-cutting attendance alternatives!
  • How can I attend an e-Training Course?
    1. Sign-up for the e-Training Course(s) you want to attend by filling the registration form in the event description page
    2. Select your payment method: by credit card via a secured payment center or by bank transfer
    3. After validation of your payment by SpecialChem, you will receive by email instructions to connect to the course
    4. 15 minutes before the event starts, log in and start enjoying your online training experience!
  • In which language are e-Training Courses?
    e-Training Courses are in English.
  • What do I need to attend an e-Training Course?
    You will need a computer with an Internet connection to view the presentation slides, a microphone and speakers (a USB headset is recommended) to listen to the speaker. You may also listen to and interact with the speaker over the phone.
  • How can I check my computer can access the interface used for e-Trainings?
    Our e-Training Courses are conducted using Citrix GoToTraining. To confirm that your computer is configured for access to the event, please check GoToTraining system requirements.
  • How can I pay for an e-Training Course?
    You can either pay by credit card via a secured payment center or by bank transfer.
    • Credit card: once your online payment is finalized, you will immediately receive a payment confirmation email containing a link to download your invoice.
    • Bank transfer: you will receive an email containing instructions to proceed to payment. Once the payment is cleared (it may take 3-4 working days), your registration will be validated and you will receive a confirmation email containing a link to download your invoice.
  • Once the registration is validated, what information will I receive from SpecialChem?
    • As soon as the registration is validated, instructions to connect to the course will be sent to you. In case you purchased a "group/ multi" access (see "Can I attend an e-Training Course with my colleagues?" below), you will receive an email with a link to create additional connection(s).
    • Before the course, you will be able to download the course materials including the slides in pdf so you can take notes and start to formulate questions.
  • Can I attend an e-Training Course with my colleagues?
    When purchasing e-Training Courses, you can choose either:
    • Regular Access: up to 3 attendees in the same room with one connection link - you only need to pay for one seat!
    • Group / Multi Access: up to 10 attendees and up to 3 connection links - which is only worth 2 regular seats!
    • Contact us to benefit from corporate rates for access from multiple locations.

    Please note that a connection link can not be shared with others. It is unique to you.
  • What do I need to do to log in on the event day?
    1. Click on the link (or copy-paste it in your browser) that was provided in the connection instructions email
    2. Click on "Launch GoToTraining"
    3. If the GoToTraining course window does not show up, click on "download GoToTraining" on the right corner of the page, then click on the "Download GoToTraining" button and follow instructions.
    4. Once connected, wait until the course starts
    5. In the top right corner, please select the type of audio you would like to use to hear and interact with the speaker:
      • Telephone: dial the telephone number and the access code provided. Please ensure you also dial the Audio PIN
      • Mic & Speakers: make sure your headset is connected and the volume is not muted.
  • How can I submit my specific needs before a course?
    While registering for the course, you can let us know about your specific needs / interests in the "What do you expect from this course?" box or you can send us an email at e-training@specialchem.com.
  • Can I cancel my purchase?
    Yes, you can cancel your order any time prior to the course by writing to e-training@specialchem.com. All cancellations made before the course starts will be charged at 30% of total order price. All cancellations made after the course will be charged a full amount of the order price.
  • What is included with my e-Training Course registration?
    Here is what you get when you book an e-Training Course:
    • Training material at least 24h before the live session
    • Specific training needs to be addressed – Early registrants only
    • Live training attendance via an Internet connection
    • Interaction through written online chat box, live questions over the computer's microphone (or phone) & instant polling
    • Speaker with proven-track industry expertise & training skills
    • Q&A transcript available after live session
    • Easy contact with speaker after course
    • Dedicated support team (+33 1 72 76 39 13)
  • Can I suggest a training topic?
    Yes, your topic suggestions are more than welcome! Please fill the form and let us know about the training support you need to better perform in your activity.
  • What can I do if I am interested in a course you did in the past?
    • Register your interest with our Alert Me service and we will let you know once the topic is available again as a public event
    • Contact us to arrange a private session
  • Can I interact with the expert during the live training session?
    • Yes. You can interact live with the expert during the Q&A session at the end of the presentation.
    • You may also ask written questions all along the event via the chat facility. They will be responded during the Q&A session.
    • A Q&A transcript will be made available after the event.
    • If the presenter has no time left to answer your written questions, an answer will be provided in the transcript.
  • What does the Course Rating mean?
    When we have already run a session in the past, attendees provided us with their feedback.
    means that Very Good and Excellent Ratings account for 60 to 69% of all evaluations
    means that Very Good and Excellent Ratings account for 70 to 79% of all evaluations
    means that Very Good and Excellent Ratings account for more than 80% of all evaluations
If you did not find answer to your question, please contact us.